Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Honour and Loving memory of our precious twin boys


Faulconbridge Mallins said...

Hi Sarah - that is simply beautiful!!!!!!


Sarah said...

thanks was worth all the effort and grieving getting it done!
will send some copies over your way soon xx

Faulconbridge Mallins said...

Hi Sarah,

Our bible study has been praying for you all. So I sent them the link to your blog ... hope that is ok. My friend (Emma Gosby) asked me to leave this comment (but she wasnt too sure how to do it lol):

'How beautiful! May the Lord continue to give you and your family strength. God bless. xx'

Sarah said...

not a problem at all Sharon xx
I am hoping this can be a place of healing for many and a way to share with others- part of my journey- and that includes all those who have prayed so faithfully for us!

brycesmummy said...

hi sarah, i watched your video and it was really sweet i am so sorry for our lost of you 2 little boys, watching what you have made brought tears to my eyes, as you could jsut feel the love behinde it that made it,
I wouls love to make one up for my little man Bryce thorugh i am unsure with how to

Fiona said...

Hi Sarah,

I saw the beautiful "To Write Their Names in the Sand" photos for your beautiful baby boys, and then found your blog. I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious babies.

I lost my baby boy ~Bailey~ on 24 March 2009, and I miss him so much.

Your video honouring your babies is wonderful, and thought I'd write to let you know.

It's so hard, isn't it? I'm doing everything I can to be happy again, and then feeling guilty when I am. I have a 20 month old son, who has helped me so much through my grief, but when I see him looking at newborns in our creche at church and then coming to me with concern in his eyes when they start to cry, my heart breaks even more to know what I great big brother he is, but without his gorgeous little brother here.

Take care,

Sarah said...

Hi Fiona,

thank you for letting me know what you thought about our video. It was hard to do in some ways- but did help me to grieve. It is so are so right- sometimes I'm numb, and then I WANT to block it out- and then feel the subsquent guilt and like you also said- I want to move on and be happy and then feel guilty about that too.

I'm so sorry you are experiencing the pain of losing your baby boy, Bailey. My heart breaks for you. How does your partner cope? I have found it hard to juggle the different ways my husband and I are grieving. I have a 22/nearly 23 mth old- he has been such a sweet to his sad mummy! Caleb too, would be an amazing big brother and I hope and pray God gives him that chance one day.

Keep in touch FIona, I'd love to hear more from you :-) praying for you xx